Imagine Vegan Cafe is located in Mid-town Memphis at 2299 Young Avenue, as part of the Cooper-Young district.

Hours of Operation:

Sunday: 11:00am(ish)-9:00pm(ish)
-(Brunch is served all day)
Monday: 11:00am(ish)-9:00pm(ish)
Tuesday: 11:00am(ish)-9:00pm(ish)
Wednesday: 11:00am(ish)-9:00pm(ish)
Thursday: 11:00am(ish)-9:00pm(ish)
Friday: 11:00am(ish)-9:00pm(ish)
Saturday: 11:00am(ish)-9:00pm(ish)
-(Brunch is served all day)

12 Responses to Location/Hours

  1. Jim says:

    I am a neighbor…. close to cooper/young.
    Let me know when you are open.

  2. Amy Pickle says:

    Love your restaurant! I’ve been twice, and will probably drop by this evening. So glad you’re here. The ‘beef’ tips were superb!

    • kristie says:

      Thanks so much Amy!!! We are so glad you liked them! They are one of our favorite menu items for sure!! We hope to see you again soon!!

  3. Valerie says:

    Can’t wait to get to try your food! My daughter has been a couple times and loves it. My husband and I always seem to be in the area during your “ish” times. Please let me know when you have solid hours and and I will share/post to all my vegan friends! God Bless your business-we need lots of veggie restaurants to help the movement in the midst of BBQ/health crisis Memhis.

    • kristie says:

      Thanks Valerie for the comment. We are so glad your daughter has gotten to visit and enjoyed it!! That really sucks that you and your husband have caught all the “ish” times. Unfortunately, our hours will always be “ish”. Hours were a very important factor in opening this restaurant. We don’t work for a corporation, so there are no write-ups or docked pay if we close a few minutes early or open a few minutes late or stay open a little later or things such as this. How busy we are, how our children are feeling, or if there are any family events going on, are very big determining factors in our “ish” hours. All these things determine whether we close or stay open a few minutes different from what is posted on the door. This is what happens when Mom and Dad run the restaurant. Again we appreciate your feedback, we just apologize we cannot give you minute to minute times. We do understand though if you do not want to tell your friends about us because of this, it is kinda odd. Thanks again!!!

      • Bobby says:

        Love the flexibity, envy it…imagine our society putting their families first. We Americans are definitely well-nourished.
        Love it-

  4. Connie Fletcher says:

    I am soooo jealous. Ever time I hear about a vegan restaurant, I get so jealous, and sad. I wish there was a vegan restaurant in Vermont!!!!! I just looked at your menu. Do you have rooms for rent as well, as I may never leave, if I ever get down south.

    • kristie says:

      Hi Connie,
      So sorry it took so long for us to respond. We lost our computer and havent been able to get another one yet. We so hope you get to visit soon!! We are actually jealous, too. We have dreamed of visiting Vermont one of these days. We hear its beautiful!!! Maybe our paths will cross someday!!

  5. Kate Mattingly says:

    I recently visited you guys for the first time with my boyfriend. I’m a vegan and he’s a vegetarian. We both loved it, and loved that the prices weren’t through the roof. Its so hard to eat out sometimes when you live a healthy lifestyle and I love that there is a place in Memphis that serves Vegan food without breaking your wallet. Thanks guys! Stay open! We will try and support your business as often as we can!!

    • kristie says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We are always grateful for the encouragement we feel from comments like yours, so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Peace and Love!!!

  6. Margot says:

    Love your food, especially that reuben sandwich! Thanks and see you again soon!

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