The "Big Smack"

The “Big Smack”

Insanity Bars

Insanity Bars


Where comfort and compassion meet!!!



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  1. allison says:

    we can’t wait to come! do u know your opening date yet?!

    • kristie says:

      Hi Allison,
      Thank you so much! We are still waiting on one more inspection, so as soon as that is approved we can open. We hope very, very soon!! Thank you for your patience!

  2. cheri says:

    Welcome, Madalyn Sophia! May GOD shine His face upon your brand new life.

    • kristie says:

      Hey Cheri,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Sorry it has taken so long to respond, we are horrible at managing this website. We are just so crazy busy with all these babies and the restaurant. Hope you are well! Take care!!

      Much Love,
      Adam and Kristie Jeffrey

  3. Tommy says:

    Well it’s not a good sign that you’re already having to close on a day when you say you are open. Very disappointed that I ventured out in the rain tonight and went through the hassle of parking in cooper young only to get to the door of the cafe and see that you are closed.

    Not sure if I’ll take a chance on you again and I was very excited that there was a Vegan place to eat in Memphis. As a former small business owner I can tell you that closing when you say you will be open (other than for death) is the quickest way to have your small business close for good.

    I’d rather go through the hassle of getting a chain restaurant to fix something vegan than to waste my time showing up to find your place closed.

    • kristie says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Tommy! As a current small business owner, we are more concerned with putting our family first. If our business closes for good, we are grateful to have been open to offer vegan food to Memphis for a short time. If it survives, that will be great, but our family will always come first. We cannot afford to hire help at this point, so we sometimes have to close for family and/or other business obligations. If we as a society have become so self focused that we would rather support corporate monsters than mom/pop shops (particularly those who are focused on making the world a better place rather than making money) in order to make life more “convenient”, than we will probably not be able to stay open. It is our hope that our community can see through this self-centered/consumerist/corporate/convenience/ facade and make good decisions based on what is best for the community and world as a whole rather than what is convenient for them at any particular moment.
      Thanks again for your thoughtful advice!
      Peace and Love

      • i hope you keep your doors open for many years to come…where else in Memphis am I going to be able to get a BBQ sandwich that is actually good for me?!

        • kristie says:

          Exactly! So glad you the BBQ! We hope to stay around for years to come,too. We are about to celebrate our first anniversary and can only hope we get to continue. We have the most amazing customers anyone could ever hope for! Thanks again!

      • Josh says:

        I agree with Tommy’s post. I’ve tried to support your business b/c i like to eat vegan food for health reasons. I’ve had similar experiences 4 times already, and I was going to give you guys one last chance today for lunch, but i checked this site before heading over to avoid the frustration and found that you are not open Mon, Tues, or for lunch on Wednesday. I’m sorry guys, but that’s just not how business works. You’ve got to be there for your customers. And I’m willing to endure a little inconvenience for a healthy meal, but you guys are just not open enough. Whie I like your food, I don’t think you guys are in the right frame of mind to run a business. But I hope you find a way to succeed! Definitely let me know if your hours expand or become more definite.

        • kristie says:

          Hey Josh,
          Thanks so much for your thoughtful advice! The thing is, we are not concerned with how business works. We did not open this cafe to make money, and so far things are going great 🙂
          So you are absolutely right… we are not in the right frame of mind to run a business. Not at all. In fact, we may have been at least a little insane to open a vegan cafe in bbq city during an economic recession with: 3 children (actually 8 months pregnant when we first opened), around 20 rescued animals in our care (dogs, cats, pig, donkey), and absolutely no money. When you think about it from a business standpoint, this is completely ridiculous. Fortunately, we are not business minded at all. Thus, we decided to give this a try.
          Hopefully someday we can afford a staff so that we can be open more often. In the meantime, family will always come first at whatever cost. If we ever put business before our family, we have failed miserably. What good is it to run a great business and lose your soul in the process?
          So we will always seek to make a life first… and if we make a living in the process, I guess that will be okay, too!
          Peace and Love,
          Adam and Kristie

  4. Thanks for a great gathering at your restaurant. We all had a great time. If I heard it once, I heard it ten times, “Thanks for choosing this restaurant, I would NEVER have eaten here on my own…and I LOVED it. I will definitely be back.”

    Food was amazing, as was your hospitality. Thanks.


    • kristie says:

      Thank you so much!!! Having Foodie Memphis gather at our restaurant was an absolutely wonderful treat!! We appreciate all the compliments we got from your group and look forward to seeing each of you again soon!! Take care!!

  5. Svea says:

    you guys are absolutly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love yall

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